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Michele Ramo brings his virtuosity and vast musical background to his new group,

‘Gelato Con Panna’. (Ice Cream with Whip Cream)

With his great love of Italian music and the fascinating history, Ramo desired to bring to life an Italian band specializing in authentic Italian, Neapolitan and Sicilian music, with great arrangements of Tarantella, Mazurka, Tango, Waltz, Beguine, Fox Trot & Polka dances. 

Band members have roots in Italy and an immense love for the purity and vastness of Italian music. Ramo’s wife, singer-lyricist, and former Miss Michigan Heidi Hepler, learned to speak Italian while living with an Italian family (Balista-Lombardi) in Australia, and then moving to Italy years before she and Ramo met.

It is truly destiny, and an amazing musical life journey which brings this band together. 

‘Gelato Con Panna’ members include:

Michele Ramo – violin & mandolin,

Heidi Hepler-Ramo – voice,

Danny Patrona or Tony Maltese – accordion,

John Gallo – guitar,

Michael Palazzolo – bass,

Billy Cairo – drums.

Even Ramo’s brother-in-law, Todd Curtis, has Italian in his blood as he is a well known TV personality in Italy for his part on the show ‘Capital’ playing the role of Jordy Clegg.  When he is in town from L.A. Curtis joins the group with his smooth Dean Martinesque voice.


Michele Ramo, a proud Italian son, has gifted Italy, Michigan Italian Americans and Italians everywhere; having composed over two hundred songs, recorded 18 CD projects as a leader, written books and performed at some of the world’s great Jazz Festivals and venues.


Among his vast compositions, Ramo has written many original pieces in the Italian tradition, all the while sounding unique and timeless.